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From my Family to yours 

Leading with Purpose: DJ PoeticLi's Story | Founder & CEO of Poetic LVL Entertainment

Liana Valentin-Lopez (DJ PoeticLi), founder and owner of Poetic LVL Entertainment, was born and raised in the beautiful melting pot called New York City. Liana's passion for music started as a child when her father would play his old-school cassette tapes in their backyard while he did yard work or cooked on the grill. She grooved to the sounds of every genre and every decade, from The Beatles to Marvin Gaye then straight to Notorious B.I.G., TLC, Doug E. Fresh and on. As she grew up, her love for music had never left her, only evolved. She took her passion for music and began making her own cassette tapes by recording songs off the radio with her boombox.

Liana's creative music journey continued into high-school where she played the alto saxophone at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and into college where she DJ'd her sorority "basement" parties at Penn State University. Now in her adult life, she shares her passion for music through DJing for people from all walks of life. As a true master of her craft, Liana has the ability to create a seamless musical experience, encompassing all genres including Top 40, Reggae, Hip-Hop, R&B, salsa, merengue, bachata, soca, Amapiano, jazz, house, mash-ups and more. Her talent for mixing and blending songs together allows her to craft unique and poetic musical journeys that elevate positive vibes and create incredible atmospheres.

Poetic LVL Entertainment was started with a vision to not only empower women in the entertainment industry, but to openly advocate for all people and their sexual orientations. Liana created this company because she not only loves to DJ, but she loves that she is a gay woman of color who is not afraid to step outside of the box and openly and willingly support everyone and their love of music. Poetic LVL Entertainment breaks boundaries in the entertainment business by creating a gender-neutral experience for all, supporting same-sex marriages, and advocating for inclusivity in the industry.

As a client you can expect a high-energy experience that is both authentic and personalized to your unique style and preferences. DJ PoeticLi's mixology skills are not limited to just music as a true MC and DJ package. Her ability to read the room and engage with her clients creates an unparalleled experience that transcends the music. With thought, compassion, and love for her craft, Liana is the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their event to the next level.


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