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From my Family to yours 


DJ PoeticLi


My Name is Liana Valentin-Lopez and I am the founder / owner of Poetic LVL Entertainment. I am a high energy open-format mobile DJ who can rock any type of event. My journey started as a child when my father would play his old-school cassette tapes in our backyard while he did yard work or cooked on the grill. we'd groove to the sounds of every genre and every decade. He took us through a time capsule from the Beetles to Marvin Gaye then straight to Notorious B.I.G., TLC, Doug E. Fresh and on. As I grew up gaining this underlying love and appreciation for old school music, that love had never left me, only evolved. I took my passion for music and began making my own cassette tapes by recording songs off the radio with my boombox. Everyone who has done this knows the feeling of missing the beginning of a song by a second and having to wait, rewind the tape, and re-record whenever the song would come back on the radio. As years passed, cassettes became CDs. I'd never walk out of my house without my CD player and binder full of CDs. Even on those bumpy bus rides to school, I'd have the volume on blast in my headphones bopping to music while my CD player skipped from those New York City Potholes. This was the beginning of my creative music journey from childhood, through to high-school (Playing the alto saxophone at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts), into college (DJing my sorority "basement" parties at Penn State University) and now my adult life (Sharing my passion for music through DJing for people from all walks of life).

I started Poetic LVL Entertainment with a vision to not only empower women in the entertainment industry, but to openly advocate for all people and their sexual orientations. As a woman of color who loves women, I know how difficult it can be for couples to find vendors who not only support same sex marriages but openly advocate for them by creating a gender-neutral experience. We often find that when going through our booking process vendors do not take same sex couples into consideration. How many of us have had to cross out bride and groom on a form because the vendor doesn't have a gender-neutral template? I know I did while planning my wedding. How many of us have gone to an entertainment company hoping for a female DJ and are only greeted with men? This is the reality of the entertainment business and this is where Poetic LVL Entertainment steps in to break boundaries! I created this company because I not only LOVE to DJ but I love that I am a gay woman of color who is not afraid to step outside of the box. To openly and willing support everyone and their love of music!! We are all here to enjoy life so let's enjoy it dancing and celebrating with great music!


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